High-Quality Gas Heating Equipment

Cozy is a leading international supplier of gas heating equipment known for our commitment to product quality. Designed to withstand the test of time, Cozy heaters are engineered for long-term comfort and dependability.

Built using only the highest quality components and constructed by expert American craftsmen, we take pride in each and every product we produce. We are committed to providing comfortable living environments for single and multi-family homes, efficiency apartments, mobile homes, cottages, room additions, bedrooms, basements, garages, family rooms, or any application where space is at a premium.

Selecting a safe and reliable heater that suits your home or business is easier than you may think. We offer many different solutions to fit any space, from wall furnaces to floor furnaces, and even a free-standing unit.

Trust your heating needs to Cozy, the leader in zone heating equipment.

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